Thursday, June 2, 2016

What (not in Allah's Name) are we doing? 

   Some thoughts on Our Ummah's Condition...

   Since the recent bombings in Europe things "appear" to be quiet. We haven't heard any "this just in - breaking" news of ISIS, the war in Syria, or mass murders and kidnappings from Boko Haram. The Western technologically advanced news cycle is meticulous when it chooses what and when to release the propaganda they call news - biased on their behalf at best.

   Meanwhile some Muslims - if not sincerely preparing for Ramadhan in a few days - are sitting quietly in their homes, hoping they are not blamed for or Islam associated with the latest bombing; kidnapping; video beheading and ground battles fought in "Jihad."

   Understand that without a true and correct methodology applied and achieved toward an Islamic State Jihad does not and can not exist. Muslims fighting as a group in any given region where they remain dependent upon the same Kufar they are fighting against does not constitute "Jihad" nor an Islamic State.

   Here in amerika the Kufar and their system of government is on the verge of possibly electing a man who has filed for corporate bankruptcy four times. This is someone voters would trust to be in charge of an economy that is already 20 Trillion dollars in debt. Maybe he plans to take Corporate Amerika into bankruptcy and start over again.

  Muslims live in an amerikan society that allows every single law that Allah (s.w.t.) Has Forbidden; and gives rights to any person that wishes to marry (or not) another person of the same sex and adopt (or surrogate) a child in that so-called same sex union. Allah tells mankind how he was Created and who he is. This society and government, however, is struggling now with laws on just what is a man or woman and which one can enter into which bathroom on which ever day they feeling a certain kind of way.

   Muslims here in the US are either too busy trying to blend in: wearing amerikan flag hijabs; celebrating Prophet Muhammed's (s.a.w.), and everybody else's birthdays; participating in local and national politics when Allah (s.w.t.) Has Specifically Warned Muslims against this: (Al-Qur'an 3:28, 3:118; 5:51; 9:71).

   Despite these Clear Signs some Muslims are joining with all other faiths in the various celebratory holidays throughout the year, and in an effort to further inter-faith dialogue, promote theology of a so called "Islamic Democracy," (read Rand's Corporation's recent attempt to further divide Our Ummah:, thinking that somehow, someway if we "work within the system," we could effect change for the better.

   On the flip side, some Muslims in Our Ummah are burying our heads in the sand, stating (sometimes vehemently) that "there is no politics in Islam!"

   Excuse me? Prophet Muhammed (s.a.w.) propagated Islam on political moves. He lived his life as Prophet and Messenger, father, husband; as statesman, politician and military leader. His letter to Heraclius (3:64 & Sahih Bukhari V6 Hadith No.75); his two Treaties at 'Aqabah, and later in the year 6 A.H. his Treaty at Hudaibiyah with the Quraysh that allowed the young Ummah to make its very first Hajj are reminders and examples of political maneuvering; all for the benefit of the Ummah. These events have not been erased from our Islamic history; some Muslims, however, have forgotten they happened. 

   As you wake up in the morning looking at yourself in the mirror after you've made your Wudhu; do you ask yourself "how can I effectively give Da'wah to the Kufar that states: 'Islam has the solution to what ails this society?'" Islam goes much further than these amerikan shores. Islam has no "borders," especially the ones set up by these various regimes around the globe. For the Ummah - as by our own misdeeds, arguing among ourselves about School of Thought, Sect, Methab, Manhaj, following a Sheik in the East vs. a Sheik in the West - all suffering from various degrees of western ideological thought, propaganda and effective false flags, we are caught in the mass propaganda that is Islamophobia.

  The Kufar has long effected and propagated this "fear" of Muslims and Islam when in reality, Our Ummah is suffering from "Ittaqu'llahphobia," a direct fear (or arrogance) of Fear Allah, and not acting upon 3:104 and beyond.

   Allah (s.w.t.) Sent Prophets and Messengers to people throughout mankind's history. All of the Prophets carried the same message: Allah is One, with no son (or daughter) or partner; and we should fear Allah as we will meet Allah on the day of judgement. Islam is easy; if we follow Allah's Laws and the Sunnah (Practice) of His Last Prophet and Messenger (s.a.w.). It is mankind himself; following his own nafs (desires) that make it hard.

   Muslims who are sleep-walking through their lifetime while above ground must not just wake up to the reality of what is actually going on and be only concerned with events in their local community (as some Muslims would have you believe), but be aware and look to take action with what concerns Our Ummah around the globe.

   At this same time Muslims who are aware and are taking action through various groups, our Da'wah must be sharpened, as we know the Kufar is constantly changing tactics, strategies and schemes all designed to further divert the minds and hearts of Our Ummah away from Allah's Qur'an and Rasul'Allah's Sunnah.

   To Rand Corp. and those like you, we are well aware of all your tactics and schemes; they are not new.
   You promote - and want Muslims to participate in - a system of government that has assassinated, brutally murdered, nuked, or otherwise eliminated over 30 million lives around the globe, and has empowered and financed political leaders around the globe at the "collateral damage" expense of not only citizens of those countries but members of your own military and civilians as well -- and yes, citizens of the U.S. your lives ARE expendable. All in the interest of "national security" and for the benefit of freedom and democracy as the so-called "greatest country in the world."
  You want Muslims to participate in a political system that not only spies on its "allies" but it's own citizens as well. It is a known fact that this government steals from and lies to its own citizens. It's now involved in the four-year cycle of "taking back" Amerika in a new direction.

   Meet the New Boss - same as the Old Boss - regardless of political party.


  Rand Corp = Shaitan = Rand Corp. Declined Thought in wicked devious fashion. You, we, Our Ummah is much better than this. We have a higher ideology. Don't follow this lizard's evil down their hole.

   The Mumineen believe in something greater than ourselves, greater than you, and all that mankind can see and cannot see. The Uncaused Cause of all that exists is Watching all; and as you plan, we plan, but understand this: As the Quraysh plotted and planned to assassinate Rasul'Allah (s.a.w.) and failed; so too will your plots, schemes, propaganda, false flags and plans fail to defeat Islam. Allah is the Greatest, Rand, not this government, and not you.


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