Monday, April 25, 2016

Worship of Symbols Garners Punishment Eternal

     Shaitan really got em goin' this time...

     Recall that after Allah The Exalted Created Adam (Mankind) and Iblis disobeyed

Allah's Command that Iblis bow down to Adam, Iblis (now Shaitan) announced his plan to

deceive and misguide mankind from the correct belief and worship of Allah. (Al-Qur'an

7:16,17). We could say that Shaitain has had some level of success, and although the battle

between good and evil has been waged since then, the Mumineen know that Allah 

Will Prevail on the Day of Judgement.

     Mankind's journey to that day, however; is filled with constant attacks on his Aqeedah.

Shaitan's latest attempt shows how humans, when losing someone so well-known around 

the world, resort to an overwhelming outpouring of emotions to the point of prayers 

and worship.

     I have watched for a few days now as the world stopped and congregated, laughed,

cried, partied, gave homage, paid tribute and celebrated the taking of the soul of one 

of Allah's Creation.

     Allah Reminds us that we should always be mindful of Death; every Soul shall taste

death, and that no man knows the hour of his death (55: 26, 27). Some He takes at a young

age, and some He allows to live a very long life to a point where that human knows little 

after possessing a wealth of knowledge.

     Mankind, if he is aware and has some knowledge of something greater than himself in

his life; has the ability to sensually perceive his Creator. Throughout Al-Qur'an Allah tells

mankind - as Nabi Ibrahim (as) did - to look upon the heavens and ponder as to the 

stars, the moon, the planets, the sun and comets; each as they follow their designated 

path; never colliding - unless Allah Orders them to do so. (35:27-28).

     Mankind, if he is not looking at his environment in the manner that his Creator

intended, begins to form his own thoughts, opinions and philosophies about his Creator. 

Man looks to man for that spiritual connection to his Creator, through pictures, various 

forms of art, words and music. A textual method, but not in the manner that Allah Had 

and Has Intended for Him to be perceived. Allah sent Messengers with Books: the Taurah; 

Psalms; Injeel (Gospel), and Al-Qur'an as guides for Mankind to know and understand 

his Creator.

     Allah through these books tells Mankind who He Is; and also tells Mankind about

himself. There is no mystery, question, controversy, nor doubt to Allah; as there is no 

question, controversy, nor doubt as to who Mankind is. Of course, when Shaitan 

misguides man to think that he is something other than what Allah Created; man 

thinks that either Allah is not who He says HE is; or mankind is something else.

     As Allah Has Created Man and Provided all that Mankind needs for his Existence - as

man can do nothing on his own - Allah, the Uncaused Cause (S 112) for all that Exists is the

Only One Worthy of Worship. (2:22; 21:32). All of the "inventions" or things that man has

made is not "new," as whatever Allah Has Willed to be Has already been Written.

     In his effort to connect to his Creator; Mankind; instead of looking at all of the obvious

signs around him throughout Creation; either looks to objects that he made or others made

like himself. These humans seemed to be endowed with special gifts that set them apart 

from all others in Creation; and so we raise these group of people or that person to 

a higher status than others almost to a point of worship.

     They're "brilliant," "genius," "extraordinary," "exceptional," "uncanny," "amazing," or

their craft evokes strong emotions among other humans. We start to revere them, honor 

them, shower them with money; gifts; awards; then build statues for generations to 

view - from athletes to politicians to conquerors; kings, queens, philosophers, 

doctors, judges, scientists, educators, rulers, musicians, sociopolitical/religious leaders. 

Then we turn their former residences into museums.

     Know and understand that it is Allah that has Given these gifts - in any manner or

matter they may be in whatever capacity - to all of His Creation. Mankind must be 

cognizant of this fact of his life; that anything man has made or built did not come from 

nothing. Any thought of an idea about a building; a rocket ship; a new mathematical 

equation; a cure for a deadly disease; a new mode of transportation or new mode of 

transmitting or transporting power and energy; crafting a "work of art," or 

writing award-winning articles; books; movie scripts or love songs - ALL knowledge 

and ability that mankind has was given to him by Allah.

     Shaitan, however, uses these same gifts against Mankind; to turn man away from the

Worship of Allah, to the point of arrogant rebellion and Shirk in Kufr (disbelief).

     Endowed with the knowledge of Allah, however; a correct Aqeedah can be acquired;

and correct action in the form of correct Worship can be achieved. Armed with a correct

Aqeedah and worship Mankind can take a stronger Battle to the Shaitan, and with Allah's

Help, achieve Jannah.

     The human in us wants those we love or revere to "Rest in Peace;" truly only Allah

Knows the condition in the grave of the Soul He Has Claimed.

     Oh Mumineen! The time to pray for our spouses, relatives close and distant; loved

ones, anyone, is while they are alive where they can hear the message of "Laa illaha 


     When the Angel of Death comes to claim our Souls; our Book of Deeds is closed. 

When we are buried and everyone has said their "last good-byes" at our graves;  

whatever deeds we have done in this life for the worship of other than Allah will manifest 

itself in our grave. Our Books of Deeds and our bodies will testify either on our behalf or 

against us.