Thursday, August 1, 2013

An Intellectual, Political, and Spiritual Ideology

23 Ramadhan, 1434

     Muslims' inability to think for themselves contributed to the fall of the Khilafah. They had help; during the “Colonialists'”systematic removal of the Khilafah, the Colonialists, among a myriad of tactics, “moved” Allah and all Islamic thought to Fridays only. Midweek Muslims were to assimilate themselves and participate in the prevalent society wherever they lived; encourage inter-faith dialogue, and “rest” on Sunday. As any thought of Islamic revival was removed; the Colonialists left no stone unturned and implemented curricula, culture, philosophy, people, history and lifestyle to ensure that the Muslim society and environment in their homelands was non-Islamic; an environment which inundated the Muslim Mind with any and all other ideas and methods other than Islam. The Colonialists changed the Muslim Mind and taught him to think “western” instead of Islamic.
      As a result, since before 1924 any and all efforts to revive and enlighten the Muslim Ummah have failed, simply because the Muslim has been and is still attempting to revive the Ummah based on western thought, western philosophy, western culture, instead of drawing upon the example given to our Ummah by Prophet Muhammed (s.a.w.).
      Today Muslims in Syria are begging Secretary of State John Kerry for weapons. Excuse me, but doesn't verse five of Al-Fatihah specifically say, “You do we worship and Thine Aid we seek(?)” Why are Muslims asking any man for help? Read 2:107. Meanwhile Muslims in Egypt have proclaimed they are ready to “die for Democracy!” That statement repulsed me when I read it a few days ago; I thought to myself that Muslims had reached rock bottom. Further thought revealed that Muslims had already reached “rock bottom” once the Khilafah fell nearly 100 years ago; today Muslims – with the Kufar's help – continue to kill Muslims, in Egypt over 100 last week, with western weapons.
      Our Fard Khifayyah now is to regain the tools for the Muslim Mind to begin bonding as individuals and groups; to begin having an effect on local society to effect radical change breaking across all western imposed borders, barriers and gaps; in effect to impose our own Islamic Idea and correct method to an enlightened Revival.