Thursday, July 18, 2013

An Idea and a Method

Ramadhan 10, 1434
Islam As Ideology

   The paragraph that follows requires the reader to have a belief in someone, a Creator greater than yourself. To the Atheist you may click away from this page; to the Agnostic the Systems presented here are not man made; rather they are intellectual; practical; material; political; ideological and spiritual. Insha'Allah the Agnostic may find answers to their questions here. To the People of the Book, among other verses from Al-Qur'an I'll use what over the years has become my favorite: 49:13. To the Muslim, may these words inspire you to Al-Qur'an 3:104 – become part of a group that enjoins good; forbids evil and accepts the Fard Khifayya of working to re-establish the Islamic Way of Life According to the Methodology of the Prophethood...

   “Man revives (yanhaDU) according to what he carries of thought (fikr) about man, life and the universe, and about their relationship, as a whole, with what preceded this life and what comes after it. Hence, in order for man to revive (yanhaD), it is necessary to radically and comprehensively change his current thought (fikr) and generate another thought (fikr) for him. This is because it is the thought (fikr) that generates the concepts about things and consolidates them. Man shapes his behavior (sulook) in this life according to his concepts (mafaaheem) about it. So, man's concepts (mafaaheem) about a person he likes shapes his behavior (sulook) towards him. This is in contrast with his behavior towards a person he dislikes and holds concepts of hatred. Also he will exhibit different behavior (sulook) towards a person he does not know or holds any concepts (mafaaheem) about. So, human behavior (sulook) is linked to man's concepts (mafaaheem) and when we wish to change the behavior (sulook) of the declined man and make it refined, it is imperative to change his concepts (mafaaheem) first. Allah says:

   “Allah does not change the circumstances of any people until they have changed what is within themselves.” Ar-Rad:11

SoS Pg 1

   Here's a “new” thought for Muslims: instead of asking non-Muslims to solve problems of the Muslim Ummah, i.e. Syria; how about Muslims giving deep thought as to how they can best resolve their own issues themselves.

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